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Oriflame Sweden Catalog 2013

What do you know about oriflame sweden?

Every element of this universe has a birth place and Oriflame was born in Sweden. It was 1967 when two Swedish nationals inaugurated the great project of cosmetics manufacturing company as Orilame cosmetics and soon it got fame as Oriflame sweden. The company has its headquarters located in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Fribourg. The key management people include the big names as Magnus Brannstrom as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Robert af Jochnick as company’s Chairman.

Currently the company has diversified its product line into skin care, make up, frangance, body care, hair and other related accessories. All these top heads have been sub categorized to form a total product line. If you will start exploring the Make-up product line then you can find a broad range of product items under eyes, lips, face and nails. Well the sub categories under the key head of eyes include Mascara, eye pencils, eye shadows, eyebrows and eyeliner. Same goes for face that includes foundation, bronzers, concealer, beauty tools, primer and powder. While lips have been sub categorized as lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil, beauty tools for lips and some other items. If you need anything regarding your nails then surely you will find Nail care products and nail polish.

Oriflame Sweden Catalog 2013

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